Speed up NFT Sniping Solution

Yes, it’s here. In 2022, crypto trading bots, arbitrage bots, NFT bots, rarity trackers and other blockchain-related solutions are nothing new. For this article, we will focus on NFTs. Showing where even higher gas fees may not be enough to succeed.

Situation: Waiting for a drop to be the first one who will send the transaction and purchase the NFT. Doing so for hundreds of NFTs in an exactly specific time. Fighting others who do the same — not only with gas fees. Trying to be picked and processed by Validators as the first.

Your solution must cover much more:

  • The immediate ranking of every reveal.

Simply said, when two or more people are sending their transactions, who will be picked and processed by Validator as the first, wins. To achieve this, go to your Dashboard and upgrade to any package + Front-running Mainnet RPC endpoint and paste the FR endpoint to your Metamask.

Solutions we‘d like to recommend:

Testing compatibility with Zmok:

If you use any other, please send us a hint to info(at)zmok.io. We will try to connect with the authors of your favourite solution and optimize it for Zmok fast Ethereum RPC.

NOTE: We do not increase gas or modify your gas. Plus we do not read, collect or analyze your transactions sent “manually” or using a bot. Transaction sent via Front-running (/fr/) endpoint is:

  • sent multi-regionally through many nodes. The current/newest Block may differ in regions, in Asia can be let’s say X and the US X+2. We make sure you will be in the newest one.



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