NexusTools Brings Default ZMOK RPC/Node to Provide Fast Minting Experience

NexusTools helps smart traders get an edge over other degens by providing an easy to use and powerful web application that takes minting to the next level.

ZMOK brings you speed-oriented Ethereum JSON-RPC/WebSockets. For high-demanding drops or sniping, you can upgrade to Front-running by ZMOK, so your transactions will be picked by Builders&Validators around the world almost immediately and processed by one of them for the newest block. Global TX Mempool for monitoring most queued/pending transactions in real time. Plus many other outstanding features like endpoints as a TOR/Onion hidden service.

Every NexusTools member now has his own default endpoint (

Please follow this guide:

This endpoint is rate limited. Covers 35 API requests per second and 30 Million per month. This shall be enough to cover purchasing of 7 NFTs per second and 6 Million NFTs per month.

If you need higher rate limits or are interested in the Front-running feature for sending transactions, Global TX Mempool for monitoring queued/pending transactions, or TOR/Onion endpoint, create your own ZMOK account and before checkout on the Upgrade page, enter the NEXUSTOOLS123 promo code to get a special 25% discount!

If you decide to switch to the Front-running, use the given endpoint ( in all your apps and services.

With questions & support please email or join our Discord.



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