MetaSniper’s fastest NFT sniping comes with ZMOK’s Front-running

When it comes to NFT sniping, minting, or offering, MetaSniper will rank in one of the top positions for sure.

With ZMOK Front-running your transactions will be picked by Validators around the world almost immediately and processed by one of them for the newest block.

Combining Metasniper’s automation with ZMOK’s monitoring of pending transactions and sending via Front-running brings the powerful combination to succeed in high-demanding drops or for sniping.

How to activate

  1. Sign-Up or Sign-In to your free ZMOK account using username and password, Metamask or WalletConnect
  2. Check on packages in your Dashboard. Watch rate limits. Purchasing one NFT can consume 3–4 API calls, which means you can process ±25 NFTs per second with the Scaling+FR plan. For a higher load in one specific time, go for a Massive+FR.
  3. Metasniper customers can get a special 25% discount! Before checkout, enter the METASNIPER123 promo code.

4. Create a new App with NETWORK: MAINNET FRONT-RUNNING.

4. Add the given FR HTTP endpoint (……) endpoint to your User’s Settings

Now you can be sure your transaction will not become stuck in the order and will be processed immediately by Validators for the most current block globally. Do not miss minting or a public drop by waiting for 2–3 blocks to be picked and processed by Validators.

With questions & support please email or join our Discord.

MetaSniper’s User Manual can be found here.



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