Pricing comparison to other JSON-RPC/Websockets Ethereum API providers

Comparing Alchemy, Infura, QuickNode and Moralis vs ZMOK. Describing different pricing models, rate limits, managing peak rush hours.

(updated January 21, 2022)

Key takeaways:

  • ZMOK keeps being a pricing market leader in the total amount of API calls in the Free tier, and in price per 1 million requests in paid plans.
  • For starting projects, ZMOK offers 25% more API requests per month than Alchemy, 5x more than Infura, 7% more than Moralis, for the same price per request ratio.
  • Large companies can get 3.3x more API requests for a 2x lower price when switching from Infura.
  • ZMOK is the only service on the market offering Front-Running service.

Shortcuts: RpS = API requests per second, RpM = API requests per month, RpD = API requests per day

Rate limits and pricing models

Every API provider offers a different way of charging its customers and different rate limits.

Infura’s pricing offers limitations per day and does not verify the difficulty of a request. We do not know exactly the limits of requests per second. There is no monthly limit. We assume we are able to spend the full daily limit of the package for 30 days in a row.

Alchemy’s pricing model is based on calculating Compute units for every request’s raw method. We count on information from their recent blog that the average request is 25 Compute Units. The range is between 10–2983 CUs per 1 request. The Free tier covers 13.2 requests per second and 12M per month. The growth tier offers 26.4 requests per second and 16.2M per month. Enterprise tier is upon requests only.

QuickNode’s Free tier has the worst price per requests ratio. Paid plans come with unlimited rates per day, and limits start at monthly calculations. Compared to ZMOK the calculated price per 1M requests is approximately 5x higher.

Moralis’s Free Tier has 1.5x fewer API calls than ZMOK’s. Paid plan starts at $25 for 25M calls, which means 1.16 per 1M calls, which is a 7% higher price than ZMOK’s.

ZMOK’s pricing offers limitations per second and per month. Same as Infura does not verify the difficulty of a request. All tiers, Free, Scaling and Massive, have the best rate limits per second and month. Plus the best price per calculated request on the market ($1.08 per 1M).

Starting projects

Let’s start with free tiers. So, the price is clear.

Alchemy offers 13 per second, which is 2.3x less than ZMOK’s 30 per second. And 12 million per month, which is 25% less than ZMOK’s 15 million.

Infura’s rate per second is unknown and if you’d use ZMOK’s second limits in full, you’d get ±2.5M calls, which is 25x more than Infura’s daily limit. We calculate 100k per day* 30 days = 3 million per month, which is 5x less than ZMOK.

QuickNode has a free trial, after that $9 for 0.3 million per month, which is 50x less than ZMOK. The calculated daily limit is 16x less than ZMOK.

Moralis free tier limits 1500 calls per minute, which is 20% less than ZMOK. And 10 million per month, which is 50% less than ZMOK.

All 3 providers have their first paying plan set for approximately $50 per month, Moralis starts at $29, QuickNode starts at $9 after the free trial expired, or $99 for the first plan.

Growing and scaling

When it comes to scaling, leaks, consistency, covering rush-hours, the price per 1M requests, having a stable solution and getting the latest block as the first, comes to place.

Comparing rates per month, ZMOK offers 8.3x more than Infura, 3x more than Alchemy, 4.5x more than QuickNode and 1.07 more than Moralis. Comparing rates per second, ZMOK offers 15x more than Alchemy. Comparing rates per minute, 6.8x more than Moralis.

Enterprise packages are individual. For now, we can only tell that Alchemy officially offers $1.2 per million requests after reaching the full Growth plan which is 11% more than ZMOK. Moralis 1.16m which is 7% more than ZMOK. Yes, individual offers may differ. ZMOK will always prepare you the best price per 1M requests.



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